Flight traces

Competition Enterprise North Hill 2017 Flight traces for Days 1 - 7 are now available on DSGC website 
Flight traces from Day 1

Day 7 - Update 4

The Day 7 Final scores have been revised, and the Overall Scores updated.

Day 7 Update 3

Well the weather turned our rather good for a short task, and all those who patiently waited, were rewarded with some really nice Devon soaring. Alan Price made it up to Dunkery Beacon on Exmoor (which is a very rare occurrence from North Hill). 
The Final Party was enjoyed by all with the usual speeches and gifts, prizes were awarded as follows:
1st Trevor Stuart - Enterprise Challenge Trophy
2nd Justin Wills - Pop's Pot
3rd Mike Armstrong - Pop's Pot
John Cadman Trophy - Trevor Stuart - for his flight on Day 6 with racquet of Lasham
Sam Witter Trophy - Bob Bromwich - for his flight on Tuesday which was scrubbed, flew in sight of Lundy Island
Blunt Nails Trophy - Jordan Richards - for best in a low performance glider
Highest placed Junior - Jordan Richards
Best Retrieve story - Andrew & Jill Cluskey for retrieve of Andrew Reid  when his engine had failed to start. 

Day 7 scores and Overall scores have now been published.

Thank you to everyone for a great competition, see you next year at Aston Down.

Day 7 - Update 2

All have been launched and are 'around and about'.

Day 7 - Update 1

Launching has started

Saturday 8th July

A slightly reduced grid today, but Task has been set 'Around and About'. Waiting for the weather.....

Day 6 - Update 2

Preliminary scores for Day 6 and Overall scores up to Day 6 are now available.

Day 6 - Update 1

Well that didn't quite go according to plan. The North Hill clag was reluctant to clear, so the few brave pundits who crept off to the east managed to get to the good air and enjoy themselves. The rest struggled with very short legs locally under 1500-2000ft  curtains of cloud.  

Justin Wills (1) and Trevor Stuart (621) chose Lasham as their remote racquets, Justin  landed at Compton Abbas on the way back from Lasham, Trevor Stuart (621), Bob Bromwich (94), Mike Armstrong (JVA), all motored back from their  various "racquets"(aka BGA turnpoints). 

Comment from David Masson "I saw 1 and 621 turn and I think they should have carried on a bit further east!"

Friday 7th July

Everyone is on the grid and the Task is set - Anyone for Tennis? The North Hill low cloud has cleared and launching  has started  with Justin and Trevor checking out the conditions.

Day 5 - Update 4

All accounted for, Justin's still on the road having turned Lasham and soared back to Old Sarum.